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Classic Dungeons & Dragons at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Thoughts and Ramblings

Chez Geeks (MTL Blog)
The latest business on the QQFL's hit list happens to be Chez Geeks, a Montreal based gaming store. Chez Geek co-owner Giancarlo Caltabiano reports he has received three notices from the QQFL stating the store will be fined if it continues to sell products which do not have French language equivalen…
Death to Brianna Tweets
Where is it guaranteed, in the constitution of whatever country you live, you’ll always be happy as a pig in shit? I’m guessing nowhere. Yet over the past few years seemingly every asshole with a keyboard carries on as if a writ from god came down with a predestined christening to supreme satisfacti…
Catalyst Game Labs' airborne battleship game Leviathans has been plagued with one problem after another.…
Up Front 3rd Edition
In what surely comes as no surprise to anyone following the story, and most certainly backers of the project are already well aware, the 70th anniversary of D-Day has arrived and the previously promised release of Radiant Gaming’s third edition of Up Front! has not. Adding insult to injury Airborne …
Torn Armor Logo
It's beginning to seem every week brings news of yet another successfully funded Kickstarter gaming project going down in flames. This time out it's Torn Armor. I'll begin by prefacing this post by once again pointing out when you see some mention of a Kickstarter project on TGG it's because I find …
Games Workshop Logo
While Games Workshop is trying to put a brave face on the 10.4% drop in revenue over a six month period ending December 1st, 2013 - compared to that same time period in 2012 - investors are understandably concerned as GW stock value has dropped by 24% as well. Games Workshop is indicating the loss o…
Up Front from Avalon Hill
Back in August of 2012 I wrote an op-ed about Valley Games looking to reprint the Avalon Hill classic Up Front! and why I didn’t believe we would actually see the reprint come to fruition. The post garnered a few comments here but really riled up some folks over on the forums at ComsimWorld. Since I…
Computer games are becoming an increasing central part of our lives.  Today, it is estimated that people around the world spend 3 billion hours a week playing online games.  Many people might think that this is a cause of problems and that this time could be much better spent in other ways.  However…
Well, yet another story of a successfully funded Kickstarter gaming project crashing and burning. Yesterday Erik Chevalier of The Forking Path announced he has cancelled the project to produce The Doom That Came to Atlantic City which had completed with over 1200 backers and $122,000 in funding. You…
Following years of growing concern over the exact role suspected child molester Ed Kramer had within the company, principles involved with Dragon*Con have announced Kramer has been bought out and Dragon*Con/ACE Inc. is no more. In it's place Dragon Con Inc. has been formed as the entity controlling …
I thought I’d take a break from game reviews and share some thoughts on tools that I use to enhance my gaming experience. No, I’m not talking about screwdrivers or hammers but rather a few computer, smartphone and tablet tools I’ve found very useful.No doubt it you search the internet or your ph…
Kickstarter Dice Scam
Folks know I'm not the biggest proponent of Kickstarter, although I have become friendlier to the crowd funding platform as time has passed, because I'm still somewhat leery about the vast number of gaming related projects which are streaming onto the site; I'll have a featured article this weekend …
Knights and Magick Front Cover
Now you are there, beneath the waving banners - a leader of knights and bowmen eager for battle and glory in the glittering Age of Chivalry.…
Under the Lily Banners
Many hobbyists will recognize GMT Games for their longstanding and popular Great Battles of History (GBoH) tactical series, which was later supplemented by a more streamlined module called SimpleGBoH. This “Simple” retooling was more like a “Medium” restructuring of the system, with many players fin…
Games Workshop Logo
I’ll begin by prefacing I’ve always felt Games Workshop produces excellent miniatures and have solid intellectual properties in Warhammer and Warhammer 40k (how many sorry attempts at 40k clones have we seen over the years people?) while, at the same time, I’ve had major issues with plenty of other …
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