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Fragged Empire Core Rule Book (Modiphius Entertainment/Design Ministries)

‘Fragged Empire’ RPG Hits by Way of Modiphius Entertainment

Modiphius Entertainment continues to crank out the RPG goodies and this time out it's the Fragged Empire Roleplaying Game, from Design Ministries.
Spirit of '77 (Monkeyfun Studios)

Can You Dig IT? Groovy!: The ‘Spirit of 77’ Roleplaying Game Reviewed

Spirit of '77 draws its inspiration from flicks like Gone in 60 Seconds, Foxy Brown, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, and Gator as well as television shows like The Six Million Dollar Man, The Rockford Files, and Kung-Fu.
Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Sourcebook (Cubicle 7 Entertainment)

Cubicle 7’s ‘Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Sourcebook’ Available in PDF; Print Coming Soon

Our friends at Cubicle 7 have the latest supplement to the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game available right now.
Mindjammer RPG (Mindjammer Press)

‘Mindjammer’ RPG Expands in 2016

Following a successful Kickstarter project run, Mindjammer Press has revealed a slew of new content on the horizon for the Mindjammer roleplaying game.
The Arkham Gazette Issue #3 (Sentinel Hill Press)

The Witch is Back!: ‘The Arkham Gazette’ Issue Three Reviewed

Truthfully, I wasn’t familiar with Sentinel Hill Press or their ongoing yearly Arkham Gazette until Bret Kramer reached out to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing the third issue of the oversized yearly magazine.
DnD Errata

D&D Errata Available for Dungeons Master’s Guide and Monster Manual

I'm a little late to the party on this Dungeons & Dragons news, since it came out a few days before Christmas, but Wizards of the Coast has made the errata downloads available for both the Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual.
Space 1889 Core Rules (Modiphius Entertainment)

To the Stars, By Jove!: A Review of ‘Space: 1889 Second Edition’

Let me take you back, for a moment, to the heady days of gaming in the 1980’s and 90’s. At the time you couldn’t stroll through your friendly local game store without running across a plethora of titles from Game Designers’ Workshop (or GDW as we liked to say) which ranged from miniatures rules to board games to RPGs.
Terra Incognito (StarWarp Concepts)

Bring Your Land to Life: ‘Terra Incognito – A Guide to Building the Worlds...

One topic which tends to terrify beginning fiction writers, as well as fledgling roleplaying game designers and Game Masters, is that of world building.
Mutant Chronicles Dark Symmetry Core Book (Modiphius Entertainment)

‘Mutant Chronicles’ is Back Courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment

The classic RPG setting of The Mutant Chronicles has returned to print and PDF by way of Modiphius Entertainment. The updated and revamped third edition is hitting the scene with the Dark Symmetry Core Book as well as a Player's Guide.
Divine Instruments of Fate (Third Eye Games)

Third Eye Games Releases ‘Divine Instruments of Fate’

The first Third Eye Games supplement for Part-Time Gods of Fate has been released and it promises plenty of new magical items and places of worship for the players' home brewed deities.
The Arkham Gazette Demo Issue (Sentinel Hill Press)

Download the Demo Issue of ‘The Arkham Gazette’ Free

In celebration of the third issue recently arriving, Sentinel Hill Press is providing a thirty-eight page demo issue of The Arkham Gazette absolutely free.
Call of Cthulhu Core Books (Chaosium)

But are the Stars STILL Right?: ‘Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition’ Reviewed

Frequent visitors to TGG know I’m a pretty big fan of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu and a huge junkie when it comes to anything having to do with H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. CofC (as we’ve always liked to abbreviate the title) has been a long time favorite RPG of mine as I spent nearly two decades running adventures using the system.
Storm Battalion (Third Eye Games)

‘Storm Battalion’ RPG Now Available from Third Eye Games

Eloy Lasanta's Third Eye Games has a new roleplaying game hitting and you have to admit the setting is pretty interesting. In Storm Battalion, war rages across North America as nations vie for not only territory but to harness the mysterious power of supernatural storms raging across Canada.
RuneQuest 2nd Edition (Chaosium)

‘RuneQuest Classic Edition’ Rocking Its Kickstarter Run

Amazingly, the RuneQuest roleplaying game setting of Glorantha, is nearing its 50th anniversary. In celebration there's a Moon Design Kickstarter currently running to bring the classic second edition of the RuneQuest rules back to print.