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Terra Incognito (StarWarp Concepts)

Bring Your Land to Life: ‘Terra Incognito – A Guide to Building the Worlds...

One topic which tends to terrify beginning fiction writers, as well as fledgling roleplaying game designers and Game Masters, is that of world building.
Mutant Chronicles Dark Symmetry Core Book (Modiphius Entertainment)

‘Mutant Chronicles’ is Back Courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment

The classic RPG setting of The Mutant Chronicles has returned to print and PDF by way of Modiphius Entertainment. The updated and revamped third edition is hitting the scene with the Dark Symmetry Core Book as well as a Player's Guide.
Divine Instruments of Fate (Third Eye Games)

Third Eye Games Releases ‘Divine Instruments of Fate’

The first Third Eye Games supplement for Part-Time Gods of Fate has been released and it promises plenty of new magical items and places of worship for the players' home brewed deities.
The Arkham Gazette Demo Issue (Sentinel Hill Press)

Download the Demo Issue of ‘The Arkham Gazette’ Free

In celebration of the third issue recently arriving, Sentinel Hill Press is providing a thirty-eight page demo issue of The Arkham Gazette absolutely free.
Call of Cthulhu Core Books (Chaosium)

But are the Stars STILL Right?: ‘Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition’ Reviewed

Frequent visitors to TGG know I’m a pretty big fan of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu and a huge junkie when it comes to anything having to do with H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. CofC (as we’ve always liked to abbreviate the title) has been a long time favorite RPG of mine as I spent nearly two decades running adventures using the system.
Storm Battalion (Third Eye Games)

‘Storm Battalion’ RPG Now Available from Third Eye Games

Eloy Lasanta's Third Eye Games has a new roleplaying game hitting and you have to admit the setting is pretty interesting. In Storm Battalion, war rages across North America as nations vie for not only territory but to harness the mysterious power of supernatural storms raging across Canada.
RuneQuest 2nd Edition (Chaosium)

‘RuneQuest Classic Edition’ Rocking Its Kickstarter Run

Amazingly, the RuneQuest roleplaying game setting of Glorantha, is nearing its 50th anniversary. In celebration there's a Moon Design Kickstarter currently running to bring the classic second edition of the RuneQuest rules back to print.
Mindjammer Kickstarter (Mindjammer Press)

‘Mindjammer’ RPG Expansions Already Funded on Kickstarter

Although only launching a couple days ago, the expansions for the Mindjammer science fiction RPG have already hit their initial funding goal on Kickstarter.
Pathfinder Bestiary #5 (Paizo Publishing)

Pathfinder Bestiary 5 Now Available

You say you need more monsters for your Pathfinder campaigns? Paizo has announced the release of the Pathfinder Bestiary 5 which includes over 300 critters and creatures to keep your players on their toes.
Space 1889 Core Rules (Modiphius Entertainment)

‘Space 1889’ RPG Returns to Earth Today

Modiphius Entertainment has announced the revamped edition of the classic Space 1889 roleplaying game is available today in a print and PDF bundle.
Dragon + #4 (Wizards of the Coast)

Fourth Issue of ‘Dragon+’ Magazine Arrives

The fourth digital issue of Dragon + magazine has arrived and is ready for download from Wizards of the Coast. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons should be happy to find lots of interesting reading in the latest ish.
Cthulhu Britannica London (Cubicle 7 Entertainment)

A Spot of Tea with Yog-Sothoth: ‘Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set’ Reviewed

Cubicle 7 has sliced out a very nice niche for themselves with their line of Cthulhu Britannica releases over the past few years and titles such as Shadows Over Scotland, Folklore, Avalon, and the initial adventure book (bearing the series name) have not only been exceptionally well received by gamers but have won a slew of awards too.

DriveThruRPG Halloween Sale and Free Treats Return

It's that time of year again as the various DriveThru sites are once again having a Halloween sale alongside the annual hidden Jack-o-Lantern hunt. Now is the perfect time to save on plenty of roleplaying games...

Gaming Nostalgia for First Timers: The ‘Lone Wolf Adventure Game’ RPG Review

One of the big Cubicle 7 releases at this year’s Gen Con was the Lone Wolf Adventure Game and the boxed set was certainly doing brisk sales at the C7 booth. Older gamers will no doubt recall author Joe Dever’s “create your own adventure” books which hit bookstores all over the world in the mid-1980s.