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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Gaming News

Mob Ties (Hostage Entertainment)
Will Elliott be able to refuse the offer of Mob Ties - The Board Game?…
Washington's Crossing Game
An interesting new wargame series, from Revolution Games, launches later this month with the initial release of Washington's Crossing. The Campaigns of the American Revolution series will build upon this first volume and feature other historic battles which eventually led to the independence of the …
An all new addition is coming to the Star Fleet gaming universe courtesy of Amarillo Design Bureau. The new title takes to fight to planet surfaces and will be entitled Star Fleet Marines: Assault.From ADB:MARINES! The very name sends fear through the hearts of alien enemies. Marines kick as…
Todd Vanhooser, author of The Laughing Moon Chronicles as well as the Adventures Under the Laughing Moon RPG, joins me to discuss how the stories and game came about. We chat about all things Laughing Moon including what makes the series unique and rapidly gaining popularity here in Arizona.Once…
Jim Werbaneth has announced Line of Departure #70 will mark the magazine’s twentieth anniversary. The focus this issue is on the Eastern Front during World War II, with articles on GMT’s Barbarossa: Crimea, Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear (Academy Games), Russia Besieged (L2 Design Group), an…
Twilight Creations is soon releasing a strategy board game entitled Go Goblin, Go!  The game centers around racing Goblins into a pit of fire - looks like the goblin who comes in second is the winner...  Players will also place their bets on individual goblins is order to score points to win!Fro…
If you're a fan of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, and happen to be a party go-er, you'll be happy to know Cryptozoic Entertainment is bringing along The Big Bang Theory Party Game.From Cryptozoic:Genius is relative in The Big Bang Theory Party Game, an addictive new game that allows you…
Unfortunately my little cat knocked over my mic stand Tuesday night and now the microphone doesn't work correctly. Luckily I'd already recorded the intros and outros for the two remaining Vul-Con interviews but all other recording will have to wait until this weekend when I can get out to the musica…
Darren Johnson of Imperial Outpost Games
Darren Johnson, owner of Imperial Outpost Games in Glendale Arizona, joins me to discuss current trends in gaming as well as the challenges and advantages of being a game store owner.Once again our Raw series may not have the same sound quality as the usual TGG show simply because they are recor…
I'm back at the helm to bring you the latest from Cryptozoic Entertainment, Twilight Creations, Line of Departure Magazine, Amarillo Design Bureau, Revolution Games, Pulp City, Wizards of the Coast, and more!Download the news to take on the go right here.And don't forget, The Gaming Gang…
Here's a look at the current playtesting of the upcoming historical/horror game, The South Shall Rise Again!, to be published by Victory Point Games. VPG designer, developer, and our pal John Welch has this report:The tactical histo-horror game The South Shall Rise Again! has been getting a majo…
We normally don't tackle app games unless they are ports of established table top games. Obviously, the latest news from Days of Wonder regarding 1910 for Ticket to Ride Pocket certainly fits the bill!From Days of Wonder:Play Different with the new Ticket to Ride Pocket 1.2 – now featuring t…
Ghosts of Albion
The Eden Studios Victorian era supernatural role playing game, Ghosts of Albion, is back in print and shipping to retailers worldwide!…
lords of waterdeep
Wizards of the Coast is set to release another board game based on their D&D setting. Two to five players quest for power in Lords of Waterdeep, which is set for release March 20th.From WotC:Waterdeep, the City of Splendors—the most resplendent jewel in the Forgotten Realms, and a den of…
You knew Elliott couldn't let a Lovecraft game somehow slip under the radar on yesterday's The Daily Dope! Building an Elder God from Signal Fire Studios is currently running a funding project on Kickstarter.From Signal Fire:That old book you found in that locked safe in the hidden room unde…

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