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White Dog Games

War in the Pacific 1941-1945 Components (White Dog Games)
Grognards who fancy a bit of WWII gaming will want to take note White Dog Games has released Steve Pole's War in the Pacific 1941-1945.…
The Confederate Rebellion
If you're itching for some solitaire American Civil War action you might want to take a look at the latest release from White Dog Games: The Confederate Rebellion. You may assume from the title, you'll be placed at the head of the Confederate States of America but you know what happens when you assu…
A Spoiled Victory (White Dog Games)
Jeff shares his thoughts on the new Hermann Luttmann wargame A Spoiled Victory.…
This time around it's a look inside the box of A Spoiled Victory, released by White Dog Games, designed by Paul Fish and my buddy Hermann Luttmann. The solitaire game puts the player in the role of Allied commander as they look to evacuate their forces from the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940.Stay tu…
A Spoiled Victory
Our good friend Hermann Luttmann has a new design available through White Dog Games. In A Spoiled Victory, you'll take on the role of British command during the crucial Spring months of 1940 when the fate of over 330,000 Allied troops hung in the balance as Hitler's soldiers and Panzers were poised …
Vietnam Solitaire
The latest title from White Dog Games is now available and it's a solo title which allows players to tackle the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. In the aptly titled Vietnam Solitaire you'll have the opportunity to play through the entire conflict or choose from three shorter scenarios. Vietnam Solitaire…
The latest news for Dungeons & Dragons, White Dog Games, Out of the Box Publishing, Avatar Press, Fantasy Flight Games, Cubicle 7 Entertainment, and more! the news to take on the g…
Duel of Eagles (White Dog Games)
Jeff reviews Hermann Luttmann's latest wargame for White Dog Games, Duel of Eagles.…
I take a look to see what you'll find inside my pal Hermann Luttmann's new design, Duel of Eagles, to be released by White Dog Games. Duel of Eagles simulates the Franco/Prussian War battle of Mars-La-Tour (scene of von Bredlow's famous "Death Ride") which took place August 16th, 1870.Sorry abou…
Duel of Eagles Map and Countersarge
My pal Hermann Luttmann (Dawn of the Zeds, High and Tight, In Magnificent Style) informed me his first "traditional" wargame design will be released soon from White Dog Games. Duel of Eagles recreates the Franco-Prussian War battle of Mars-La-Tour. The battle took place on August 16th, 1870 as two P…
We Shall Fight on the Marne
White Dog Games has released We Shall Fight on the Marne which looks at the WWI battle of First Marne from an operational level. The title is available as a boxed game for $33.00 or in a ziplocked version for $23.00 and those rices include shipping.From White Dog:We Shall Fight on the Marne …
Hermann Luttman at ConsimExpo
My final interview from ConsimWorld Expo brings our friend Hermann Luttmann in front of the mic as we talk about what's on the horizon with his design work at both Victory Point Games and White Dog Games. …
Shield Wall: Hastings 1066 is the latest release from publisher White Dog Games and brings to the table the historical battle which occurred on October 14th 1066 during the Norman conquest of England,between the Norman-French army of Duke William II of Normandy and the English army under King Harold…
We always look to bring you the latest wargaming news regardless of the size or scope of the publisher. There's a title available for order from small publisher White Dog Games and it tackles an interesting, yet obscure battle, Pavia in 1525.From White Dog Games:From designer Lionel Liron, A…
Sorry for the late night posting...Here's the latest from WizKids, Fantasy Flight Games, White Dog Games, AEG, and more!Download the news to take on the go right here.And don't forget, The Gaming Gang podcast and The Daily Dope are available in one feed on iTunes.Also add the new…
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